Emcee Manifesto

Avoid emcee joke books

You won’t embarrass yourself if you steer clear of the crass wedding joke books. I believe the public presumes a pro wedding MC comes pre-fitted with a sense of humour (UK English spelling) So it’s tempting to have a look at joke books that promise hopeful wedding MCs how to instantly wow their audience with […]

wedding mc community

International Wedding MC Day

Let’s make the 24 hours of Wednesday the 4th March 2020 a time of significance and meaning. It’s a great opportunity to promote our profession to other MCs i.e. ask them to share the image below on social media with the hashtags #weddingmc #internationalweddingmcday #bestjobintheworld And it’s a great opportunity to market your own MC […]

Emcee Marketing

Why it’s wise to have 2 Facebook profiles

Facebook burst upon the scene more than a decade ago and hit mass saturation without any rules or regulations. A FAQ page was added later. We all posted anything and everything. And some of us still do. However, savvy business people know that having two separate Facebook accounts is a big advantage. Its cleaner for […]